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The experience of working in the barrel and wine industry for seven generations helps us to see to the needs of our clients in an efficient way. We are the South-African suppliers of the full range of wine barrels and wooden tanks from Tonnellerie Nadalie.

A wide range of barrel services, including repair work, washing, shaving and treatment of barrels are available. Barrel replacement products in both French and American oak are locally seasoned and toasted to the client's specifications. Wine processing machinery, pumps, chemicals, barrel stacking systems further compliments our wine barrel supplies and services. We have an attractive range of miniature wine casks, flower- tubs and barrel furniture.


We answered some of you frequently asked questions.

  1. Where do you get your wood from?

    France, USA and Eastern Europe

  2. How long is the oak aged?

    Minimum 24 month air dried.

  3. What is the wood surface area on a 225 L barrel?

    1.96 m2

  4. What is the weight of a 225 L barrel?

    50 kg

  5. Is your oak alternatives fire or oven toasted?

    We have fire toasted and oven toasted oak alternatives.

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